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disconnected heat stack

What is wrong with this remodeling project ?

This home in Snohomish County was built in 1995 + and is bank owned. There is no prior owner available to answer questions or provide disclosure. It is obvious that the floorplan was changed since original construction. A permit had […]

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garbage disposal

Creative garbage disposal wiring

This home has a garbage disposal installed.  The problem was that I could not find the switch to turn the disposal on. After a few minutes of searching, I


Perfectly directed waste line

Although not a common item to inspect, I happened to brush up against the primary waste line pipe of this 1980's era home. To my surprise, the pipe moved

El Banos

El Banos

I was on a recent vacation to the East side of Baja California in Mexico. As there was no running water, plumbing options were creative. Here is the outdoor bathroom

slab bowing

Unbalanced Fill – Structural Failure

All was going well with the inspection of this home built in 2005 until started on the garage. Upon inspection, I found a gap between the


Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes !

I performed an inspection of a 7 unit multifamily rental complex yesterday. One of the rental town homes is occupied by a mother and a daughter. There


A Fire Tragedy Waiting to Happen

At a recent Home Inspection in Seattle, I found numerous problems that could result in a fire tragedy. This 3,000 s.f. home had been remodeled int a 9

Infrared Roof leak detection

Infrared Detection of a Roof Leak

This image is an infrared image that clearly shows a roof leak at this vaulted ceiling. The straight vertical darker areas are the wood ceiling rafters. The random

slab crack

Garage Slab Failure

The garage slab of this 40 +- year old home has cracked and settled approximately 6" towards the house. My assumption is that this failure is due to a

electrified plant hook

Electrified plant hook

Not only is the plate cover missing from the ceiling fixture box, the uncapped wires have electrified the plant hook.  My client almost touched the hook during the

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