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Wa State CO detector law

Carbon Monoxide Detectors: High or Low ?

The issue of the placement of carbon monoxide detectors is brought up during several home inspections.  Most agents and clients (including 2 firefighters) say that they must be located near the floor as opposed to high up.  All new construction […]

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backwards furnace

Should I Get A New Construction Home Inspection ?

Most new homes are well built. The quality of construction and errors will typically vary from builder to builder. A common response to the question of obtaining a

False ground

False Grounding of Electrical Outlets

garage sensors

Garage Photo-cell Reverse Sensors

When inspecting a relatively new property at the Issaquah Highlands, I found it strange that the garage door would not have photo-cell reverse sensors installed. How could this

shower leak b

Shower Leak at Kitchen Ceiling

This FNMA owned home has been recently refurbished and was sold pending a Home Inspection. At the Home Inspection I noticed a repair had been made to the Kitchen

Furnace flue

Stalled Draft at Furnace Flue

The furnace is in a home originally constructed in the 1950's. Since that time, it has been extensively remodeled and updated. The newer mid-efficiency furnace has a flue diameter of

slab bowing

Unbalanced Fill – Structural Failure

All was going well with the inspection of this home built in 2005 until started on the garage. Upon inspection, I found a gap between the

Infrared Roof leak detection

Infrared Detection of a Roof Leak

This image is an infrared image that clearly shows a roof leak at this vaulted ceiling. The straight vertical darker areas are the wood ceiling rafters. The random

slab crack

Garage Slab Failure

The garage slab of this 40 +- year old home has cracked and settled approximately 6" towards the house. My assumption is that this failure is due to a

wastle line leak

Why a leaking waste line ?

While in the crawlspace of this home, I found a puddle of moisture below the waste line from the floor 2 main bathroom. Going back thru the bathroom, there

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