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galvanized pipes

Rusted Galvanized Pipes

This (1) story home has new copper pipes throughout. When the new plumbing was installed, the contractor left the old galvanized pipes in the crawlspace which gave me a great photo opportunity. Galvanized pipes rust from the inside out. They […]

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overheating electrical

Electric Service Line Repair

The electric service line of this Seattle area home had evidence of a prior repair.  Electrical tape has been wrapped around the wire near the service panel connection. At

improper chimney flashing

Improper Chimney Flashing

Improper chimney flashing as shown in the image above can result in wood rot, mold, and drywall damage to the Living spaces below. It is obvious the either the

reverse slope waste line

Reverse sloping waste line

The waste line for this home has sagged beneath the crawlspace so that the last 10 feet of the pipe slopes the wrong direction; towards the inside of

wood rot sammamish

Siding/ Flashing Leak

This posting is a follow up to the prior posting titled "clues to a possible roof leak" As it turns out, the leak was the result of an improper

unsupported top plates

Damaged Load Bearing Wall

I was called to investigate the cause of a wall and ceiling crack located near the center of a 15 year old (2) story house. This image is looking

structural failure view 2

Structural Design Flaw

This home has a ridge for a roof posted down to a ceiling joist. The ceiling joist rests on an exterior wall and an interior wall between the

waste line slope

Plumbing waste line with no “fall”

The original construction of this home was 2007.  In 2010, the owner added a bathroom to the first floor. The waste line was tied into the other waster

front porch slope

Reverse Sloping Walkway

The walkway to the entry of this home has settled and now directs rain water into the crawlspace.  I would expect an ice buildup hazard (slipping) on this

overhang support

Eave support

The rear porch of this home was an addition. The project resulted in removal of the roof overhang support. A 2 x 4 was placed between the fascia

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