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slab crack

Garage Slab Failure

The garage slab of this 40 +- year old home has cracked and settled approximately 6″ towards the house. My assumption is that this failure is due to a combination of improper compaction at backfill and moisture entering the ground […]

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electrified plant hook

Electrified plant hook

Not only is the plate cover missing from the ceiling fixture box, the uncapped wires have electrified the plant hook.  My client almost touched the hook during the

wastle line leak

Why a leaking waste line ?

While in the crawlspace of this home, I found a puddle of moisture below the waste line from the floor 2 main bathroom. Going back thru the bathroom, there

galvanized pipes

Rusted Galvanized Pipes

This (1) story home has new copper pipes throughout. When the new plumbing was installed, the contractor left the old galvanized pipes in the crawlspace which

overheating electrical

Electric Service Line Repair

The electric service line of this Seattle area home had evidence of a prior repair.  Electrical tape has been wrapped around the wire near the service panel connection. At

dual purpose gas line

Dual Purpose Gas Pipe

Dual Purpose Gas Pipe The gas piping in the mechanical-utility room had been modified to supply gas to a new on demand water heater.

Although the workmanship appeared

electrical outlet hazard

A Better Mousetrap ?

During Home Inspections, I find varying levels of property condition and safety. I find some homes with every possible outlet covered with outlet protectors while other homes will

improper chimney flashing

Improper Chimney Flashing

Improper chimney flashing as shown in the image above can result in wood rot, mold, and drywall damage to the Living spaces below. It is obvious the either the

reverse slope waste line

Reverse sloping waste line

The waste line for this home has sagged beneath the crawlspace so that the last 10 feet of the pipe slopes the wrong direction; towards the inside of

moisture above drywall

Is it worth it to winterize a house ?

In the past 3 Home Inspections that have involved bank owned winterized houses, all 3 had problems once the water was turned back on.  The problems would not

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