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Fall Out Shelter

During an inspection of a home in Bellevue, Wa, I found an odd pipe protruding from the ground. When in the garage, I found a strange tunnel from the rear of a tall garage. The garage itself is a fortress […]

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Infrared Image of hot water in toilet

Could this actually happen twice ? Toilet Seat Warmer

This is a follow up to a post from 2010.  I did an inspection of a town home last week and again found that the water supply to

Flue capped with salsa jar

A new use for a salsa jar

This is what happens when the contractor doesn't want to run back to the store for parts. A few months ago, I performed a Home Inspection at a house

garbage disposal

Creative garbage disposal wiring

This home has a garbage disposal installed.  The problem was that I could not find the switch to turn the disposal on. After a few minutes of searching, I


Perfectly directed waste line

Although not a common item to inspect, I happened to brush up against the primary waste line pipe of this 1980's era home. To my surprise, the pipe moved

El Banos

El Banos

I was on a recent vacation to the East side of Baja California in Mexico. As there was no running water, plumbing options were creative. Here is the outdoor bathroom


Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes !

I performed an inspection of a 7 unit multifamily rental complex yesterday. One of the rental town homes is occupied by a mother and a daughter. There

dual purpose gas line

Dual Purpose Gas Pipe

Dual Purpose Gas Pipe The gas piping in the mechanical-utility room had been modified to supply gas to a new on demand water heater.

Although the workmanship appeared

electrical outlet hazard

A Better Mousetrap ?

During Home Inspections, I find varying levels of property condition and safety. I find some homes with every possible outlet covered with outlet protectors while other homes will

hive in crawlspace

Always look before entering !

Whenever I enter a crawlspace , attic, or other confined space, I always check my surroundings before getting to far into the space. Before entering a crawlspace, shine your

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