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P trap

That Pesky P-Trap

During my years in the construction and home inspection industries, I have found that most people do not understand the purpose of the P trap. I have heard comments that that is a place to keep large stuff from going […]

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moisture above drywall

Is it worth it to winterize a house ?

In the past 3 Home Inspections that have involved bank owned winterized houses, all 3 had problems once the water was turned back on.  The problems would not

heat loss

Negative Pressure Heat Loss

This new home has a finished basement. The trunk line is enclosed in a drywall chase. The chase is open to the crawl-space. It appears that the drywall installer

heat loss

Air Leak at heat supply

The heat ducts for this home have a substantial leak where it splits into (2) different runs.  As hot air is being pumped into the crawlspace, the home

toilet leak

Toilet leak

The toilet in this downtown Seattle condominium had a small leak at the wax ring.  The water was slow to appear and was not visible when the bathroom

master bedroom roof leak

Roof Leak

This infrared image is of the ceiling in the Master bedroom of a home. It had a severe roof leak. Both the shingles and the roofing paper were

missing insulation

Missing Insulation

This new home was missing a section of insulation measuring 2' x 6' in the attic As this missing insulation is at a vaulted ceiling, there will be  a


No heat in bathroom

This image is of a the bathroom heat register. [caption id="attachment_67" align="alignnone" width="280" caption="Typical infrared image of floor register"][/caption]

This is an image of a

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