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LP siding

LP Siding

LP Siding, is a composition board siding is also known as “pressboard siding”, “hardboard siding”, “waferwood siding” and “inner-seal siding”.  LP siding was manufactured by Louisiana Pacific, however other brands manufactured the same type of product.  A class action lawsuit […]

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False ground

False Grounding of Electrical Outlets

Waste water from floor drain

Real Estate Listing Error

When I arrived at the home for the inspection, I noticed a broken side sewer location stake lying near a large tree at the front yard. The

disconnected heat stack

What is wrong with this remodeling project ?

This home in Snohomish County was built in 1995 + and is bank owned. There is no prior owner available to answer questions or provide disclosure. It


A Fire Tragedy Waiting to Happen

At a recent Home Inspection in Seattle, I found numerous problems that could result in a fire tragedy. This 3,000 s.f. home had been remodeled int a 9

electrified plant hook

Electrified plant hook

Not only is the plate cover missing from the ceiling fixture box, the uncapped wires have electrified the plant hook.  My client almost touched the hook during the

structural failure view 2

Structural Design Flaw

This home has a ridge for a roof posted down to a ceiling joist. The ceiling joist rests on an exterior wall and an interior wall between the

crawl space shear wall

Why so much shaking ?

This home has substantial shaking from front to back during the earthquake several years ago. The blueprints showed a full height foundation wall up to the floor joists in

roof leak

Clues to a probable roof leak

I found several clues that indicated a serious moisture intrusion problem at this Eastside King County home. Clue # 1: My first concern was when I pushed the plug

Window fall hazard

Window fall hazard

The image below is an awning style window. The sill of the window is approximately 6" above the carpeting.  Once open, there is approximately 16"  horizontally and 12"

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