Could this actually happen twice ? Toilet Seat Warmer

Infrared Image of hot water in toilet

This is a follow up to a post from 2010.  I did an inspection of a town home last week and again found that the water supply to the toilet was from the hot water pipes.  It is amazing to find major error twice. This repair will not be so easy as walls will need to be opened up to correct the plumbing

Older post from 2010:

This new construction home has a plumbing mistake that was made at rough-in.  The water supply pipe to the toilet in the Master Bathroom is from the hot water pipes.

The current tenant said that it is awkward to sit on a toilet after flushing as the water temperature could be as high as the water temperature setting of 120 deg F.

As there are cold water supply pipes and a crawl space below, the repair is a fairly simple fix.