A new use for a salsa jar

Flue capped with salsa jar

This is what happens when the contractor doesn’t want to run back to the store for parts.

A few months ago, I performed a Home Inspection at a house the Bellevue, Washington area.  The electrical panel could not be accessed and also was a safety hazard due to the proximity to the water heater.  The owner hired a contractor to move the water heater.

Water heater proximity to electrical panel

Water heater in close proximity to electrical panel

The furnace was not inspected as the circuit would not turn on. I returned to the house today to inspect the furnace.

The water heater had been moved to a new location. I looked at the original flue to see if it had been capped (it Y’s into the active furnace flue.

A perfect fit !

The homeowner is going to have a discussion with the contractor