Always look before entering !

hive in crawlspace

Whenever I enter a crawlspace , attic, or other confined space, I always check my surroundings before getting to far into the space.

Before entering a crawlspace, shine your flashlight on the vapor barrier. If it is very flat, it may be floating on water. The water could be several feet deep.

Once inside, take a look around before moving or putting your hand on the ground.  I once came within 12″ of putting my hand on a live rat trap when entering a crawlspace

Over this weekend, I was inspecting a home in suburban Seattle.  I had followed my guidelines and saw this bee-hive in a crawlspace when I was a least 20-25 feet away. I sat still and watched for any activity. There was none. Since I had no protection from a swarm of bees, I took this image with the zoom lens on my camera and went the other direction.

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