Dual Purpose Gas Pipe

dual purpose gas line

Dual Purpose Gas Pipe

The gas piping in the mechanical-utility room had been modified to supply gas to a new on demand water heater.

Although the workmanship appeared OK, the pipes ran almost 12″ below the ceiling and at a skewed angle to miss a light fixture. The pipes could have easily followed close to the ceiling around the outer walls of the room. I was unable to verify if this modification was completed with appropriate permits.

The owner or contractor took the quick low cost approach that gave the appearance of a sloppy job.

It may be that they planned a dual use of the gas piping as a utility room clothes line. This 6-8′ pipe has no end or mid-pipe supports (except the vertical sections of the pipes at each end). A full load of clothes can be a substantial stress on the pipes.

A gas pipe is not to support any other objects