What is wrong with this remodeling project ?

disconnected heat stack

This home in Snohomish County was built in 1995 + and is bank owned. There is no prior owner available to answer questions or provide disclosure.

It is obvious that the floorplan was changed since original construction. A permit had been issued for a remodeling project which primarily consisted of removing the wall between the Living room and Family Room. A beam was added to support the floor joists above. It appeared that a new shear wall was added in the crawlspace.

remodeled family room

remodeled family room

The walls are straight, no sag in the ceiling, no drywall cracks. Everthing appears OK.,,,,, ??????

Interior partitions can also contain plumbing pipes and heating wall stacks.

Towards the end of my inspection, I checked the heat output from all heat registers in the house. There was no heat to the Master Bedroom or bathroom. The infrared image below shows no heat output from the register.

no heat trom register

no heat from register

I went back into the crawlspace to locate the heat supplies (stacks) for the Master Suite. I found (2) heat supplies running into the area above the new shearwall. That seemed odd as there was no physical way the heat could get from here to the Master Bedroom. I gently pulled on these ducts.

Both of these heat ducts were disconnected and blowing hot air into the joists bays on the floor 1 family room (above the floor insulation).

disconnected heat stack

disconnected heat stack

The result is that there is no heat source for the entire Master Bedroom Suite.

It will be possible to install new heat stacks at a different location. The repair will likely involve revisions to framing and drywall, heating, ceramic tile, and carpeting repairs.