Garage Photo-cell Reverse Sensors

garage sensors

When inspecting a relatively new property at the Issaquah Highlands, I found it strange that the garage door would not have photo-cell reverse sensors installed. How could this be as the sensors have been a requirement for numerous years. After a closer look, I found the sensors attached to the frame of the opener mechanism. They were set up so as to fool the system that they were properly installed at the garage door opening.

To my surprise, I found the same defect at an inspection of a home in North Bend yesterday.

Common garage door opener concerns are as follows;

– The garage door openers do not have photocell reverse sensors. These sensors are a highly recommended safety feature and are required for all new garage door opener installations

– The garage door photo reverse sensors should be located within 6″ of the slab. This is a safety measure to reduce the risk of closure on a child lying flat