LP Siding

LP siding

LP Siding, is a composition board siding is also known as “pressboard siding”, “hardboard siding”, “waferwood siding” and “inner-seal siding”.  LP siding was manufactured by Louisiana Pacific, however other brands manufactured the same type of product.  A class action lawsuit resulted in Louisiana Pacific to give owner of homes with the product a cash payment. Many owners kept the money and did not replace the siding.

The siding was installed on many homes during the 1980’s and early 1990’s.  The siding tends to absorb moisture, especially when exposed to heavy rain or sun exposure.  Most failures will occur at tall walls of a home and chimneys.  When covered by large eaves to protect it from the rain and if well painted, especially at the lower edge of the siding, it can serve it purpose for many years.

The image shown on this posting is of a chimney at a home in Newcastle, Wa. The home was recently painted. The shiny paint provides a good view of the swollen boards. This siding is likely rotted and could be pulled apart with little effort.

Even when in a good condition, having this type of siding can affect the marketability of the home on re-sale.