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WSDA Structural Pest Inspector 79988

Serving King and Snohomish Counties
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reverse slope waste line
Waste line slopes the wrong direction
beneath house
condensation in roof
Condensation at underside
of roof sheathing.
Inadequate ventilation & excess moisture
moisture at ceiling
Moisture at floor 1 ceiling after
bank's contractor turned the water
on with the washing machine valve open
see image to right
water soaked carpeting
Water located beneath carpet and pad up to 15 feet away from source of water leak onto flooring
home inspections seattle
Garage slab failure
Excess moisture and un-compacted fill
home inspections sammamish
The roof to wall flashing directed
water behind the siding
The result was extensive wood rot inside
of the wall
home inspections seattle
Always look before entering !
Beehive in crawlspace
home inspections issaquah
How many pieces of wood to hold
up a floor beam?
..and a hollow concrete block
home inspection seattle
Air leak at heating ducts
in crawlspace
home inspection issaquah
Unsupported top plates. This image
is looking up in a return air chase. There is an adjacent wall crack
heating inspection, home inspection bellevue
Dead birds in furnace.
The birds entered thru an
unscreened combustion air pipe
home inspection renton
This front porch is a severe trip hazard as there is a minimal landing
Electrical inspection
Safety hazard. Power service line
 in front of bedroom egress window
Electrical safety hazard
Uncapped electrical wires in contact
 with box and plant hook.
 The hook is electrified !
plumbing inspection
Infrared Image of toilet leak
plumbing inspection
Plumbing waste lines should have a slope.
This waste pipe is level

home inspection sammamish
Electrical wires spliced in crawlspace
with loose electrical outlet
home inspection bellevue
Improper slope at front porch. Water is damaging the foundation

Home Inspector self portrait
Accidental picture while trying to
 turn my camera off in the attic 
Gas valve, home inspection everett
Unable to turn the gas valve off due to the proximity of the water heater 
creative plumbing, home inspection bellevue
Creative waste line plumbing 
Heat run disconnected, home inspection renton
Heat run disconnected in crawlspace
Furnace flue cap, home inspection bellevue
Salsa jar cap used to plug open
end of furnace flue
Plumbing mistake, home inspection seattle
Hot water to toilet

Moisture ants, home inspector redmond
Moisture ant damage to structural beam
failed window seal, home inspection seattle
Failed window seal
Rodent infestation, home inspection issaquah
Rodents in crawlspace

Chimney cap damage, home inspection renton Misaligned chimney cap
Reverse grade, home inspection seattle
Reverse grade at patio 
Window fall hazard, home inspection seattle
Window fall hazard
(over 4" opening, 30 feet above grade)
Dryer vent lint trap, home inspection north bend
Dryer vent lint trap 

Circuit breaker problem, home inspection kirkland
Overheating circuit breaker 
Electric plate cover missing, home inspection bellevue
Missing Electric plate cover 
Failing retaining wall, Home Inspection everett
Failing retaining wall 
Failed window seal, Home inspection seattle
Failed window seal 
Federal pacific electric panel, Home inspection bellevue
Federal Pacific electric panel
Known fire hazard
Deteriorating mortar, home inspection burien
Deteriorating mortar at chmney 
Knob and tube wiring, home inspector seattle
Knob and tube wiring 
Blocked water heater draft hood, home inspection issaquah
Blocked water heater draft hood 
Ceiling leak, home inspection kent
Ceiling leak in Master bedroom